Our Hajj packages offer you the services which are required to make your Hajj comfortable and hassle-free. Though hajj is a difficult journey and during Hajj Allah Subhan wa Tallah test you physically, morally and financially. However we would suggest you to carefully choose your Hajj Package in order to make your Hajj maximum hassle free.

Hajj services include:
  • Complete documentation and Hajj Application Filing with Ministry of Religious Affairs for Hajj Passports specially made for Hajj Only for Pilgrims of Pakistan.
  • Mualim Drafts (Mualim is a Saudi assigned person who controls certain pilgrims and provide them transportation and Mina tents). And complete guidance and assistance in Mualim movements and documentations required by mualim during hajj.
  • Seats confirmations with airlines according to duration of Hajj.
  • Options of Travel within minimum time like Hajj Packages from 12 to 40 days of duration.
  • We select Accommodation with minimum distance starting from 50 meters to 350 meters in 5, 4 and 3 star Hotels in Makkah & Madina (Distance is measured from the boundary wall of Harmain Sharifain in Makkah & Madina)
  • Options of private Double / Triple / Quad / Quint rooms
  • Meals Options are included in most of the packages in Makkah and Madina.
  • Ziarat with experienced religious guides in Makkah and Madina.
  • Transport arrangements throughout Hajj in air-conditioned buses
  • Religious Family Orientation Workshop before Hajj by Religious Scholars to discuss and clear concepts for better Hajj.
  • Coordination and assistance throughout the trip in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia.
  • We provide the group services to at least 200 persons on Hajj each years
  • We arrange a training program for 2 weeks before Hajj. In which all events are taught to the whole pilgrimages (group)
  • Our group offer all the events (Manasik –e- Hajj) in company
  • The Chief Executive himself travel with all pilgrimages for their look after


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