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   Hajj  2013 | 1431 Hijri

May Allah Almighty approve of your Holy journey and sacrifices and Shower you with His Blessings. May you also win the Shaf’aat of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

ads-arr-blue Economy Hajj Package (With Ticket)

 (Package Duration 40 days)


  • Estimated Departure  from Pakistan  Earliest Flight, (20 Days Stay in Makkah)

  • Departure from Makkah to Madina 25 Zul Quaida, stay in Madinah from 25 Zul Quaida to 05 Zul Hajj.

  • Departure from Madinah for Azizia 05 Zul Hajj.

  • After Hajj estimated date departure from Jeddah to Pakistan ( 15, 16 Zul Hajj)

  • Accommodation in JOHRA FIDOUS, Makkah (Distance from Haram. 700 Meter) for 18 to 20 days.

  • Accommodation in Madinah. Building Distance from Haram 600 Meter.

  • 5-6 Days accommodation in Aziziah (1-2 days before Hajj and 2-3 days after Hajj depending upon
    flight schedule and sighting of moon)

  • Hajj Days accommodation at Mina Maktab # 68.

  • Meals during Hajj days in Mina with Hot and cold beverages service.

  • Mualim provided transport from Jeddah-Makkah-Madina-Makkah-Jeddah and during Hajj days.

  • Conduct of orientation and training programs before Hajj.

  • Provision of Ihram kit/Baggage Tags/Company ID cards and Hajj literature.

  •  Professional assistance and care before, during and after the religious journey.

  • Formal itinerary will be provided before departure, subject to minor changes due to moon sighting.

  • Ticket fare added as per Govt Ticket (85,000/=) Difference payable by Hajji. 

ROOM & Sharing Type


Sharing 4 to 6 bed rooms.

PKR  255,000

Additional Facilities with Hotel Package in Makkah. 400 Meter

PKR  265,000

ads-arr-blue Super Hajj Package (With Ticket) (Package Duration 40 days)

ads-arr-blue Short Hajj Package (Package Duration 20 / 25 days)


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