The following terms and conditions are generally applicable; however, specific details may vary based on regional regulations, contractual agreements with suppliers, and factors concerning location, product type, and logistical considerations. These specific variations are detailed in the Terms and Conditions sections of each corresponding website and should be reviewed alongside the following general conditions:

  • Travel Services: The travel arrangements and pricing details available on our websites are organized and coordinated by Super Crown International. We endeavor to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of this information as of its compilation date. However, since the data is primarily provided by third-party accommodation and tour/cruise operators featured in our brochures, Super Crown International cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in these publications.
  • Service Sales: Services listed in our publications are sold by Super Crown International, not the individual businesses or companies offering them. We select our service standards based on a variety of factors commonly recognized as indicative of certain quality levels.
  • Pricing and Service Changes: Super Crown International reserves the right to change prices and alter or withdraw the services offered without prior notice. We are not liable for any variations in services or price changes.
  • Liability: Super Crown International disclaims any liability for actions, omissions, or negligence of third-party service providers related to your booking. Our responsibility does not extend to control over such providers. Furthermore, we are not liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses, or inconvenience caused by events outside our control or that couldn’t be foreseen or prevented by due diligence. This includes, but is not limited to, natural disasters, governmental actions, war, fire, floods, severe weather, mechanical or equipment failures, or labor disputes.
  • Information Verification: We strongly recommend verifying with us or your travel agent regarding any potential changes or updates to the information provided on our websites. This ensures you or your agent are informed of any known changes either before booking your holiday or prior to your departure.
  • These terms and conditions aim to provide clarity and ensure a smooth service experience. However, for the most accurate, up-to-date information, always refer to the specific terms on each product or destination’s webpage.